Name One of Our Beers

Posted: 05 June 2013

Blog category: Beer, Kent Green Hop Beer

Would you like to name one of our beers?

We are taking part in the Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight again this year (27 Sept – 13 Oct). The first festival was held in 2012 to celebrate the county’s most iconic crop.
Kent green hop beer is strictly defined as beer made with fresh, or ‘green’, Kentish hops – instead of using hops that have been dried, as is more traditional in brewing. The beers have a characteristic fresh taste because the hops used contain many of the oils that are normally lost when hops are dried. We make sure the hops are as fresh as can be by using them within 12 hours of being picked.
Throughout the fortnight, they’ll be all manner of weird and wonderful brews available in pubs and bars across Kent. The beers will all be launched at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival in Dane John Gardens on Friday 27 September

Last year we brewed Oast Dodger and now we’re giving you the chance to name our beer for 2013. It will be a golden ale at 4.5% abvthat’s packed with freshly picked local hops. Such is the nature of green hop beers, we won’t know exactly which variety of hops we’ll be using until we choose whichever are the best hops available on the day. So we’d love to see ideas inspired by the local area and its rich hop heritage.

We will review all entries choose our favourites and then put them into a competition for you to vote on. The winner will get a polypin of the beer, pump clip and a tour around our Faversham Brewery. 

Oh, and no cheesy puns please (well, maybe one or two…)