A Little Piece of Paradise

Posted: 23 June 2014

Samuel Adams’ Summer Ale, a spiced American wheat beer, is coming to the UK.

The seasonal ale combines the crisp citrus character of Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Saaz ‘noble’ hops with two-row pale malt blend, malted wheat, lemon peel and a very special ingredient - Grains of Paradise. Also known as the Melegueta pepper, this rare African pepper was first used as a brewing spice in the 13th century, and adds a special kick.

The seasonal brew has its roots in Belgian witbiers, “white beers” which first appeared in the 14th century in a wheat growing region near Brussels. The style got its name from its lighter colour and cloudiness, or veil - the result of suspended wheat proteins in the beer.

Golden in colour, Samuel Adams’ Summer Ale (ABV 5.3%) will be available in 355ml bottles throughout July and August.