Life Saving Lunchtime at Singleton Barn

Posted: 18 October 2013

A Kent barman has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a customer at the Singleton Barn pub near Ashford.
The incident took place on 29th September during Sunday lunch. Barman Simon Nelson was on his break when a colleague called for his assistance with an elderly female customer.
The woman had been celebrating her 88th birthday over lunch with her son-in-law when she started choking on a piece of food. Simon, 43, takes up the story: “The lady was receiving the Heimlich manoeuvre from her son-in-law when I arrived, but I saw she had blue lips and had turned limp and non-responsive.”
Thanks to a former career in the ambulance service, Simon knew exactly how to respond: “It was clear the lady’s condition was deteriorating rapidly – she had no pulse and had stopped breathing. With the help of a regular customer with first aid training – Chris Goodman – we each performed two cycles of CPR. This was enough to get her pulse back and she started breathing again.”
Pub manager Darren Bispham continued: “The ambulance arrived within 15 minutes and the paramedics praised the Simon and Chris’s efforts – without their help it’s almost certain the poor lady would have died. We understand she’s gone on to make a full recovery, which is just fantastic news.”

By way of thanks, Simon was presented with a case of beer – Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager – which he favoured over a bottle of Champagne.