Kingfisher wins trophy for consistently high quality

Posted: 21 April 2011

Blog category: News, Beer, Kingfisher

Kingfisher lager has been granted an International High Quality Trophy 2011 by Monde Selection, the premier international food and drink awards, for three consecutive years of brewing achievement.

Kingfisher lager’s 50-litre kegs have secured Gold Awards and Grand Gold Awards for the past three years, while the 330ml bottled format has also won the approval of judges.

In the 2010 Monde Selection, 4.8%abv Kingfisher lager won two Grand Gold awards, one for bottled lager and one for keg and the lager is also a former winner of a Grand Gold with Palm Leaves in the category for Pilsen-style beers.

First brewed in 1857, Kingfisher is the world's best-selling Indian lager and is brewed in the UK by Shepherd Neame under licence from United Breweries of India.

Beer writer Peter Ogie describes Kingfisher as “a clean, refreshing lager, bursting with hops, filling the mouth with citrus and herbs in an intensity of flavour, which is not overwhelmed by hot and spicy food”.

Brewed according to the original recipe, incorporating Indian yeast, Kingfisher is prized for its full and hoppy taste and smooth palate, earning the lager a listing in the majority of Indian restaurants throughout the UK.

Shepherd Neame’s production and distribution director, Tom Falcon, said: “Winning an award for quality is a welcome accolade but to win one for consistent quality over a long period emphasises the skill and dedication of our brewers and is a great testament to their professionalism. Shepherd Neame brews a number of international lagers on licence and our brewers combine their knowledge and experience with high quality ingredients to capture each of their distinctive flavours.”