It's Christmas

Posted: 15 December 2011

For the brewers Christmas is now over. Whatever we brew between now and the 23rd December will just fill the system back up. We can rest on our laurels knowing that we have brewed all that we were asked to do, ranging from Spitfire and Asahi through to Christmas Ale in cask (a fine 5% beer), a limited edition Porter cask and Christmas Ale in bottle.

Of course other areas are still very busy, most of the bottled product is now flying off the supermarket shelves so we are desperately trying to keep up with demand. I know it sounds sad but I do tend to look on the shelves to make sure our products are there and in other shoppers’ trolleys to see whose beer they are buying.

Cask and keg supply to the pubs is critical meaning that telesales, draymen and the rest of the distribution team are working feverishly to make sure the beer is where you all want it to be – on the bar, they are also bringing the empties back as fast as they can so that both the keg and cask lines can continue to supply.

The purchasing team are carefully balancing stock levels with production volumes and our suppliers Christmas shutdowns to ensure that we can brew and package anything anytime anywhere as the finished stock levels decrease.

The accountants seem to love this time of year bringing joy to us all as they insist on a full stock count on Christmas eve and anticipate the excitement of balancing the books.

We will of course be brewing and packaging through Christmas week and between then and the New Year to ensure that there is the range of beers out there that we all want to enjoy.

Like many of you we are looking forward to our Christmas party to celebrate all that we have achieved but ours will be at the end of January when we traditionally have a slightly quieter period before the run up to Easter, the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee and the anticipated summer heat wave!!

I would therefore on behalf of all at Shepherd Neame like to wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you enjoy whatever you have planned for the festive period.


Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer