Haunted Houses

Posted: 07 October 2011

Here is a selection of some of our paranormal pubs. Pay a visit and let us know if you have any eerie experiences:

Cock Inn, Boughton Monchelsea


According to the date on the chimney breast found in the attic, The Cock Inn was built around 1568. So it’s little wonder that the pub is home to some paranormal activity. It appears in the form of a ghost called George. At different times, three clairvoyants have identified George’s presence. The pub was approached by the television documentary series, Most Haunted, but landlady Jo chose not to have the crew film in the pub as she didn’t want to upset George.


Crown & Cushion, Camberley


The Crown and Cushion has played a dramatic role in British history. The 16th century country pub was the scene of the capture of the infamous Colonel Thomas Blood, the daring Irish-born soldier who stole the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London in 1671. Things have calmed down since that day though several ghosts still make their presence felt in the pub and its neighbouring 16th century barn. The spirits have been seen by many local people over the years but are believed to be friendly, just like the proprietors.


Mabel’s Tavern, Mabledon Place, London


Mabel's Tavern takes its name from a local woman, Mabel Macinelly who was born in Dublin, Ireland. She married into the family who owned Hamilton House in Mabledon Place and became Mabel Hamilton.


Not much information is known about Mabel except that she owned a cat called Felix and she died in the 1970s. Since her death she has been known to revisit the pub and on one occasion she called the landlady's name repeatedly in the early hours of the morning. She has also been known to operate the dumb waiter that used to stand in the pub - this is a little eerie as the dumb waiter was ripped out of the pub several years ago. The occupants have heard it in operation in the early hours of the morning but when they investigated there was nothing to be seen.


Ringlestone Inn, near Harrietsham


Built in 1533, the pub was originally used as a hospice for monks before becoming an ale house in 1615. 


The Ringlestone Inn was featured in an episode of Most Haunted, thanks to some of its more unusual guests. A dog, a mysterious lady and an old gentleman who hangs around the bar are just some of the sightings that have been investigated by paranormal experts.


White Hart, Canterbury


With its recent refurbishment, this pub may not appear to have a particularly eerie atmosphere on first inspection but the White Hart holds a few secrets. You see it was built in the 1800s on the ruins of St Mary’s Church. As if that wasn’t spooky enough, the cellar was once a mortuary. In fact it still has the body chute. Nice. Unsurprisingly the pub is home to a ghost or two.