Happy New Year

Posted: 19 January 2011

Happy New Year to everyone.

I had a long break after Christmas travelling with my family to stay with my mother and father in-laws and a deep snow covered Ireland. I was delighted to see that Spitfire in bottle is now available there and was given some very good feedback on it. We had a very busy December and January looks to be pretty good too. On Monday 17th January we held the AGM of the Southern Section of the Institute of Brewing here in our visitor centre. Over 40 members, mainly brewers turned up to elect committee members and sign of accounts and so on. I became Chairman of the section, a great honour, I will hold the post for the next two years and let everyone know how I get on.

The AGM was followed by a lecture on "The Green Agenda" given by Steve Wilkinson from Alectia who build breweries and act as brewing consultants all over the world. The focus was on the need to become more energy efficient and while there is no one solution to the challenges ahead we were give a good insight into what technologies are now available and in use. Solar power, wind, geothermal and even nuclear solutions will become more common in the next few years. Several breweries are heavily into solar power while others are using wind. It was evident that we are need to be more efficient and that process improvement should not be ignored. Over the past 5 years we have made dramatic reductions in our energy use by targeting capital investment.

Our Amber Ale was available for the IBD meeting and was enjoyed by all. The Cascade and Amarillo hops used in dry hopping the beer gave it a wonderful fruity citrus aroma and soft finish.



David Holmes - Head Brewer

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