Happy Birthday CAMRA

Posted: 17 March 2011

CAMRA were 40 years old yesterday. What an amazing organisation they are. There is no doubt that their efforts on behalf of their members has helped save cask ale from obsurity. I personally feel that after 30 years in brewing there is more interest and deep passion for our national drink than ever before. Not that real ale is something just from the past, the range and diversity of "new" real ales is staggering. Younger drinkers and females are now being won over by stunning beers which are packed with character. Beer in moderation is good for you, no cholesterol or fat, rich in B vitamins and silicon and not high in calories.

Available today across the Shepherd Neame estate you can find upto 5 real ales, Bishops Finger, Spitfire, Kents Best, Masterbrew, Earlybird or Cantebury Jack. Each one is a celebration of the art of brewing and each one owes a debt to the beer warriors at CAMRA. If you are not in a pub try our bottled conditioned 1698, real beer in a bottle

Next time your are having a beer raise your glass to CAMRA, the toast should be"Good Beer".

Happy Birthday CAMRA from the brewing team at Sheps.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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