Featured Recipe: House Flavoured Nuts

Posted: 26 April 2014

Blog category: Recipes

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Some suggestions:
Chilli Nuts: To 1 Kilo of large salted nuts add 2 tbsps of cayenne pepper, 1 tsp of garlic granules and for extra spiciness a scattering of dried
birdseye chillies.

Salt and Pepper Nuts: Add 1 tbsp fine ground black pepper and 1 tbsp of coarse ground black pepper to 1 kilo of large salted nuts.

Curry Nuts: Add 1 tbsp mild curry powder and 1 tbsp ground cumin to 1 kilo of nuts.

Cajun Nuts: Add 2 tbsps of Cajun seasoning to 1 kilo of nuts

Smoked Paprika Nuts: Add 1 tbsp of smoked paprika and 2 tsps of barbecue seasoning to 1 kilo of large salted nuts.

Chilli and Chocolate Nuts: Add 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tsps cayenne pepper and 1 tbsp castor sugar to 1 kilo of nuts.

Orange Pepper Nuts: Remove the zest from 1 orange being careful not to collect any of the pith. Grind in a spice grinder or food processor with 1 tbsp of black pepper corns until finely ground. Spread on a greaseproof lined tray and allow to airdry for 24 hrs then mix into 1 kilo of nuts.