Fame at last!

Posted: 31 March 2011

This morning at 6.45am I was heard speaking on Radio 4's "Farmimg Today" about the fact that we have Protected Geographical Indicator status for several of our beers. We have had this designation since 1998 and we are the only UK brewery have it. Newcastle Brown Ale famously lost its accreditation when the Tyne brewery closed and production was moved outside the cityof Newcastle.

When we applied for "PGI" we had to demonstrate what was special about our beers that enabled us to have them labels as Kentish Ale or Kentish Strong Ale. It will not be a suprise then that we talked about the local ingredients we use, specifically locally grown hops, the water from our own well and of course our own yeast. These ingredients coupled with our brewing process give rise to prducts which typify our region and underscore our brewing heritage.

Having PGI status on our beers does not mean that other brewers in Kent are excluded because they do not use water from our well or the same yeast. They will, however have to demonstrate to DEFRA and Europe why their own beers should be recognised as representative of the region in their own right. 

Spitfire, Bishops Finger and our bottle conditioned 1698 all have PGI protection. These beers were brewed in Kent with locallly growm hops using our well water and our own yeast strain. The result is three beers that are growing from strength to strength. Just try them and you will see why.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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