European Beer Bloggers Conference

Posted: 23 May 2011

Over the weekend we were at the European Beer Bloggers Conference at The Brewery – a tremendous conference facility in the former Whitbread brewery in the heart of the City of London.

The day started with an opportunity for us to informally meet many of the leading beer bloggers and writers to discuss the many aspects of beer and brewing. We also got to taste a wide range of beers – with our 1698 proving particularly popular. It was great to meet up with both brewing and marketing colleagues from many of the other breweries in the UK.

After lunch there were a series of talks on such diverse subjects as the History of Brewing in London by the renowned author Peter Haydon (which gave a fascinating whistle stop tour of brewing from the early 1700s) to the British and Worldwide Beer Market (past, present and future) by David Sheen of the British Beer and Pub Association which contained plenty of statistical data on how the market has changed and where it is likely to develop.

The next part of the day was an interactive discussion on the “Dos and Don’ts of Blogging” which taught me a lot – some of which I promise I will try to put into action!

We finished the formal part of the day by having some beer flavour training, a new experience for some of the bloggers and a refresher for those of us from the production side of the breweries. It provoked a lot of discussion on positive flavour attributes and helped people identify what they were particularly good or bad at detecting. Not to mention the odd heated debate…

The evening continued with a dinner and further opportunities for the bloggers to hone their beer tasting skills.

The day certainly gave me an insight into another side of the beer business and where communications are going now and for the future


Stewart Tricker – Senior Brewer