Edna’s Spitfire Spirit

Posted: 06 October 2013

Blog category: Spitfire

Edna Edmunds celebrated her 91st birthday in July, but age doesn’t slow her down. The former WAAF still drives a sports-car and lives an active life.
Married to a former WWII Spitfire pilot Edna has found herself at the controls of many aircraft when she hitched a ride to change RAF Stations in the bleak years between 1940 to the wars end.
She met and married her late husband Eddie and has always held an affection for that iconic aircraft. She will stop in mid conversation should the roar of a Merlin be heard over her Sussex home not far from Goodwood.
Edna can claim to have flown, with qualified pilot assistance, aircraft such as a Horsa Glider, an American B17, a B25 Mitchell, the latter while at Rivenhall in Essex, a Stirling at RAF Harwell transiting to a base up north, the return journey in a Lancaster is another aircraft she can add to that list.
Her most recent association with a Spitfire came when Barry Field handed over a fully working Spitfire cockpit section to the Boultbee Flying Academy at Goodwood to compliment their two seat trainer by giving ground instruction. Barry, who made the Spitfire cockpit now at Shepherd Neame, asked Edna to check it out for him by hopping in with complete agility.