Drought !

Posted: 13 June 2011

Thankfully the extremely dry conditions of the past several weeks seem to have come to an end with some welcome rain at the weekend !

Farmers were starting to get concerned that the lack of rain would have serious effects on the barley harvest and therefore potentially lead to a malt shortage. In fact growers so far have done an excellent job of looking after the barley crop and the few fields I have seen in the South are looking good. The position is not so good in East Anglia where farmers are now being asked to manage their water reserves very carefully. We can probably say that the harvest is not going to be a bumper crop but at the moment it looks like there will be a crop and hopefully no shortages.

In the case of hops it's too soon to say as they start to put on their "growth spurt" any time now. A grower once told me that in June and July you can sit and actually watch the bines climbing up the string. The water has come at the right time and the longer days will spur them into action. Sunshine and showers for a couple of weeks is the perfect combination. As hop bines stay in the ground for a number of years and develop long extensive root systems which should help them seek out the water they require, we should have no worries there at the moment.

We have produced a "Summer Sizzler" bottled ale for Lldl as well as our summer seasonal cask Whitstable Bay. There is a beer for every season and for every occasion.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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