Chef's get hooked on new fish skills

Posted: 30 June 2011

Blog category: News, Food, Chefs

Seafood fans can enjoy some impressive fish dishes at Shepherd Neame pubs following a chefs’ skills day on the Kent coast.
Nine Shepherd Neame chefs sharpened their filleting skills while also learning more about sustainable fishing from family fishmongers Griggs of Hythe.

The day began with a discussion at the Conningbrook Hotel, Ashford, on how to develop menus featuring fresh, seasonal fish dishes, led by head development chef Simon Howlett.
In the afternoon, the group visited Griggs, based on the Fishermen’s Landing Beach at Hythe, where they were given a tour by Andy Cook, proprietor of the family firm.

Griggs supplies seafood to restaurants, hotels and pubs across Kent and has won the admiration of top chefs including Phil Vickery, Rick Stein and Michael Barry. Many Shepherd Neame pubs and hotels source produce from the company, which can deliver fish to kitchens the same day it is landed.

Andy demonstrated the firm’s 150-year-old traditional smoker. He also gave advice on when particular varieties are in season and described how local fishermen maintain sustainable stocks of fish before demonstrating filleting and other preparation skills.

Head development chef Simon Howlett said: “This was a great day for our chefs who will pass on what they have learned to their colleagues and ultimately, to our customers in the form of delicious dishes.”