Canterbury Jack is back!

Posted: 16 March 2011

Blog category: News, Beer, Seasonals

Shepherd Neame’s Canterbury Jack is back!

It benefits from a light, floral citrus aroma, delivering a highly refreshing pale ale fit for the hot summer months.

Canterbury Jack – named after an early hop grown in Kent – is the perfect accompaniment to fish, pasta and chicken dishes.

It will be available in cask until September 30 and will remain available in bottles all year round. It has a cask strength of 3.5% and a bottle strength of 4%.

Graeme Craig, sales and marketing director, said: “Canterbury Jack is ale noted for its refreshing flavour and finish – and is perfect for those long summer nights we are all looking forward to.”

Shepherd Neame’s seasonal ales see Early Bird herald in the Spring; Late Red returns in the autumn.