Posted: 15 November 2010

Author: David Holmes

This is always a busy time in the brewing calender. Beer to be bottled for Christmas is now ready for packaging and in the brewing office there is excitement as we work on the recipe for our Christmas cask racked beer. Christmas Ale in cask this year will be a full bodied, all malt, full drinking 5%abv best bitter. We are using Styrian Goldings to give the beer a wonderful taste and aroma which makes it stand out from our normal range of Kentish Ales. Stewart Main, is predicting it will be warming deep gold colour with a zesty citrus charecter. It should be fruity, balanced with biscuity malt notes and leave you refreshed with a warm alcohol boost ! The proof of the pudding is in th eating so lets wait until we taste the beer in about 10 days time. It will be available throughout our estate in December.

We are also brewing this week  a  limited quantity of our "Original Porter" for cask to supply a small but loyal band of dark beer lovers. The beer will have to be ordered in advance and will be sold on a first come first served basis. When its gone, its gone.

On a lighter note, I am off up to "The White Horse" on Parsons Green to an "Ale and Pie" competition. This is being organised by the Southern Section of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. My entry is a pie made by our local butcher, Barkaway, in Faversham. I am hoping that their "Hop Pickers Pie" will win first prize.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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