Business as Usual

Posted: 05 July 2011

Last week was an interesting time with the variable weather resulting in a less than peaceful week.

Monday was a superb day with the temperature approaching 30 degrees. Unfortunately the weather conditions caused a local power spike that challenged the systems at the brewery and our distribution centre.

We ended up losing power which caused a great deal of work for the engineers and electricians having to reset all of the plant; the packaging lines due to their complexity took several hours before they were operational again.

On Tuesday the weather broke with a tremendous thunderstorm directly over Faversham resulting in further power spikes and subsequent production issues.

The engineers rallied round and had the brewery back up and running in record time.

Wednesday started as a normal day with full production in all areas. To quote one of the operators we had a “not again” moment when the power went off at 11 o’clock and this time it did not come back for almost 2 hours.

During this time the sites were run using emergency generators, the telesales team relocated to another area so they could continue to communicate with our customers, IT had a number of computer issues and the engineers again had a very busy period.

It is a times like this that everyone at the brewery works as part of the team and it is a tribute to them all that we were operational as quickly as we were and that not a single order was lost or delivery missed, with extra production being undertaken over the weekend to build the stocks back up.

So business was back to normal on Thursday with everyone, especially the engineers breathing a sigh of relief.

As I am writing this the weather men say the warm sunny conditions we enjoyed over the weekend and so far today are due to change to cooler wet weather – hopefully without any more thunderstorms!!!


Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer