Blonde Ambition Back for Independence Day

Posted: 24 June 2013

Blog category: News, Seasonals

Independence Day (4th July) sees the return of limited edition Samuel Adams cask ale Blonde Ambition.
The 4.5% abv cask ale is brewed in collaboration between Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame and leading US craft brewer the Boston Beer Company.
The beer uses equal measures of US and UK Cascade hops, with Yakima Valley (US) Cascade imparting pine resin and grapefruit notes, underlined by the earthiness of their Kentish counterparts.
The beer is available to the freetrade now, exclusively from Shepherd Neame, until 16th July.

Tasting notes:
A pale ale designed for the summer, Blonde Ambition has a perfect blend of American and English flavour cues. It is a showcase of the best of American and English hops, which gives the beer a delightful combination of grapefruit and earthy notes, with a biscuity undercurrent from the pale malt base. A moderately bitter ale, it has a uniquely fruity and complex flavour.