Beer Facts

Posted: 05 October 2013

Blog category: Cask Ale Week

In our final blog of Cask Ale Week, here’s a few beer facts... how many do you know?

  • There are nine million regular cask ale drinkers in the UK, and an increasing number of female cask ale drinkers
  • Cask ale is made from four ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water
  • Cask ale has no fat and no cholesterol. It is the least calorific drink you can order across a bar other than water
  • Silica (which is found in the husk of malted barley) is good for skin, your hair, your nails, and has even been proved to treat the onset of osteoporosis (brittle bone disease)
  • Hops act as a natural preservative. Hops are known to ease anxiety and also constipation! In olden times, beer was safer to drink than water so was used to cure many ailments
  • The spent yeast from the brewing process is more commonly known as Marmite. It’s a rich source of Vitamin B
  • The spent grain from the brewing process goes back to farmers to use as cattle and pig feed
  • Beer is commonly referred to as ‘liquid bread’. The process of baking bread and brewing is very similar
  • There are now over 1100 cask ale breweries in the UK
  • Shepherd Neame is the oldest brewery in the UK, dating back to the early 16th century