Bat and Trap

Posted: 08 July 2011

Last night was the annual brewery Bat and Trap evening. This is a fun event where we invite our suppliers and allied traders to spend a social evening with us in one of our local pubs.

Bat and Trap is a quintessential Kentish game which is a cross between cricket and rounders, a game which is enhanced by a fine pint.

About 60 people split into 6 teams which were all a mix of brewery employees and suppliers. All teams played 3 games to determine who would battle in the final. The umpires valiantly attempted to ensure that fair play was maintained as each team interpreted the rules slightly differently. Our ability to hit the ball varied greatly, some teams being pleased with a total score of 2 where other individual players scored a whole 10 points on their own.

There was a break in the proceedings while we all enjoyed a superb barbeque laid on by the staff at The New Flying Horse. The final match involved a grudge element as both teams had members from the same office but the team led by the organiser, Alison, was victorious – the first time she has won since the event started in the late 1990s.

Following the presentation of the trophy and prizes we adjourned to the bar where there was live music and plenty of opportunity to continue to socialise.

All in all it was a great evening where we were able to meet up with colleagues old and new from around the business and our supply chain – looking forward to next year already.


Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer