Ballast Point

Posted: 01 March 2011

Last week I was on holiday trying my level best to get my two teenage sons to do a little bit of work towards their forthcoming GCSE and A-level exams. I had limited success! While I was struggling with my task a home, we had Yuseff Cherney over from Ballast Point Brewing in San Diago. Yuseff has brewed a special beer for the J.D. Wetherspoon Spring Beer Festival which we hope will be a great success for him. Stewart Main my Senior Brewer in Charge of Development worked closely with Yuseff on this recipe, Ballast Point sent over their own yeast which we cultured up in preparation to make this very much their brew.

The beer, now at the end of its fermentation, is a very dark mahogany coloured malty brew packed with 4 types of hops brought over from the USA. There will be more late hops added at the end of the conditioning period just before we rack the beer. Theses hops will be an English variety and should give the brew a wonderful aroma to compliment the roasted malt character. I am being slightly guarded about the exact details as we have yet to taste it. Something to look forward to as we move into Spring.

David Holmes - Head Brewer

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