Authentic Pie and Mash on Offer at Seaside Pub

Posted: 22 August 2014

Blog category: Pubs, Food

Lovers of traditional pie and mash are flocking to indulge their passion at The Telegraph pub in Deal.

Dawn James, licensee at the Shepherd Neame pub, has just teamed up with London’s oldest pie and mash shop, M.Manze, to serve the classic meal five days a week. M.Manze delivers its freshly made meat pies and liquor to the pub, and Dawn supplies the mash – made according to the traditional recipe without milk or butter.

The mum-of-two, who has been at the Telegraph for 20 months with husband Tony, said: “We aren’t a food pub, but we introduced the pie and mash due to customer demand. “I grew up in London, and recently went back with my Dad to have a meal at a pie and mash shop. I put a picture on Facebook, and Tony wrote ‘coming to The Telegraph soon’ as a joke, and people went crazy!

"We had so many customers asking when it was starting and wanting to know more, that we decided to go for it. We have a lot of DFLs (Down From Londoners) in Deal, and I think authentic pie and mash will particularly appeal to them. We seem to have hit upon an untapped market.”

The new menu was introduced on Friday, August 15, and is available from 12 noon to 7pm on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, priced £5.50 for single mash, pie and liquor and £7.50 for double mash, pie and liquor.

Dawn, who has one grandchild, said: “We have been doing a lot of potato peeling, which hasn’t been much fun! But it is great to see so many people enjoying traditional pie and mash. I grew up on it, and in addition to our work at the pub, my husband and I are the official Pearly King and Queen of Kensington and Chelsea, so it is great to promote some Cockney heritage!”

The Telegraph also runs a Steak Night every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm, offering a 6oz sirloin steak with chips and peas for £6.

For information call 01304 371746 or visit the pub's website.