14th February

Posted: 13 February 2012

What do you associate with Valentine’s Day?

Roses, chocolate, champagne, romantic dinners for two?

What do you associate with beer?

Drinking pints in the pub, crisps, peanuts, anything but romantic dinners?

Does it need to be this way – there are a myriad of beers from stouts to lagers, full bodied to delicate, super strong to low / no alcohol, yet generally they are not associated with Valentine’s Day.

Many brewers have tried to change this, over the past few years we have brewed everything from hoppy and light Maid in Kent to beers with maltesers or oysters added to them.

This year Heart Warmer has been brewed with rose petals and passion fruit (as well as hops and malted barley). It is strictly a limited edition for Valentine’s Day so you may struggle to find it.

Why not try a beer for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be in pint glasses – halves or a bottle shared in red wine glasses makes an ideal accompaniment to almost any food. So think ale rather than red wine with your steak, delicate lager rather than white wine with fish or a fruit beer as a change from champagne.




Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer